I Recommend This £14 Product to All My Friends Who Hate Lipstick

I love lipstick. For me, it's the one makeup item I rely on when I want to feel more pulled-together or polished (when in reality, I've still only spent minutes on my look). I used to wear a bold matte lipstick pretty much every day (red was my jam), but I've started gravitating towards balms and glosses for daily wear. However, I still wouldn't step out at night without something opaque on my lips.

On the other hand, I have plenty of friends and colleagues who wouldn't dream of rocking up to the office with bright red lipstick on. Whether it's the perceived maintenance of wearing a bold colour on your lips or the fact that wearing a vibrant lipstick comes with "look at me!" vibes, I know plenty of people who steer completely clear of lipstick in all its forms.


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However, there's one lip product I recommend above all others to my friends who don't do lipstick but might be considering wearing a pop of colour for a special occasion (or are interested in taking the smallest of steps outside their beauty comfort zone): Glossier Generation G Lipstick (£14).


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It's the lipstick of choice for cool fashion girls like Jessica Wu, and was even spotted on the red carpet on celebs like Rashida Jones. Generation G is described by Glossier as a "sheer matte lipstick"—and that's exactly what it is. While I like the range of colours and the dialled-down, stain-like effect that these formulas deliver to the lips, for me, these aren't a lipstick in the traditional sense of the word. Personally, when I'm looking for a lip colour, I want something with pigment and impact. Glossier's Generation G lets your natural lip colour show through and imparts more of a subtle wash of blotted colour. Ideal, as I said, if lipstick isn't part of your usual makeup repertoire.



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Available in six shades—ranging from a subtle peach through to a deep berry—it's a lovely edit of colours if you aren't sure what lipstick shade is likely to be your thing. And I have to say, all of them are surprisingly flattering and genuinely wearable. After putting them through their paces this week, I might even have been converted to this more low-maintenance approach to lipstick for my everyday makeup.


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Keep scrolling to see what all of the Glossier Generation G Lipsticks look like on and then shop them for yourself.


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Cake is described as a "subtle peach" by Glossier, but actually came out as brown-toned nude on my lips. I don't normally opt for these kinds of neutral shades, but I really liked it.

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I love, love, love this "hot raspberry pink" shade. My favourite lipstick tends to be red, but this colour felt a lot more modern and fresh for summer.


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Described as a "light, cool pink," I'm not entirely sold on this shade. It's a little washed-out for me, but I think if you're new to lipstick, then this might be a good place to start. Definitely more of a hint of colour than a full-on lip.


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A red lipstick for people who don't do red lipstick. This "poppy red" made it look like I've just eaten a bowl of fresh strawberries—and I'm into it.

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This "neutral cocoa brown" has major '90s vibes and really gave me usual makeup a cool-girl transformation.


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Of the bunch, this shade has the most stain-like finish. I'd normally reserve lipsticks described as a "deep berry" for autumn, but the light weight means it works well year-round.

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Mica Ricketts