We Just Tried the New Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks that Our Fashion Friends Love

When the woman behind the cult lip liner that sells every 2 minutes somewhere in the world announces the launch of a new lipstick collection, you can bet that it caused the entire beauty community to go into meltdown. Upon discovering that each of the 11 lipsticks had been created in homage to an array of iconic celebrities and inspirational women and men, I pretty much went into a frenzy. After all, why on earth wouldn't I want to rock a lipstick shade that promises to have bottled the beauty DNA of Jennifer Aniston or Kylie?

The Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2 collection landed this morning, and I reckon these lipsticks won't hang around for long. "When I created this range, I wanted to create a new colour world for everyone—looking for gaps in the colour spectrum and mixing the most nuanced, super-flattering, super-wearable shades," explained Tilbury.

Even better, Tilbury has pledged £1 million from the sales of the lipsticks to Women for Women International—a charity committed to helping women survivors of war rebuild their lives. So not only will your lipstick look great but it's also philanthropic.


(Image credit: @CTILBURYMAKEUP)

To put them to the test, I called on the rest of the Who What Wear editors to give me a hand. Some chose based on the name or celebrity inspiration behind the lipstick (Susan, I love you), others chose their favourite packaging (there are five interchangeable, refillable tubes up for grabs FYI) and some editors simply picked their favourite hue (aka the old-fashioned way).

Spoiler: Hannah Almassi's husband remarked on how amazing she looked in her chosen shade when she got home last night, so there are some definite hits in amongst this bunch.

Keep scrolling to see which of the new Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks were our editor's favourites and to shop them for yourself.

Hannah Almassi, Editor in Chief


In Love With Olivia
(Image credit: @HANNAHALMASSI)

"I've been wanting to try Pillow Talk since our resident beauty guru Mica Ricketts introduced me to it, so it's no surprise that I went for the shade that's probably closest. In Love With Olivia is just the right side of a darker pinky-nude for me—great for usage all year round, but I particularly like it right now with my mini tan. Super soft and moisturising too."

Joy Montgomery, Shopping Editor


Patsy Red
(Image credit: @JOY_MONTY)

"As someone who wears lipstick approximately once a year, I delegated the selection process to my colleague Alyss, who picked out this thoroughly extroverted shade of red (thanks, Alyss). I've had a fair few bad experiences with deeper shades, as when paired with my blonde hair and darker eyebrows, the effect can be a bit OTT. However, this was far softer than expected, and I liked the subtle pinky undertones which made it feel less harsh. I still won't brave it for day-to-day wear (far too much effort), but I'll definitely try this out for the next wedding or formal occasion."

Mica Ricketts, Deputy Beauty Editor


Red Hot Susan
(Image credit: @MICARICKETTS)

I love a good red lipstick, so I knew that I'd gravitate toward the bolder shades in this collection rather than the nude ones. However, it's purely the fact that this lipstick was inspired that Susan Sarandon that encouraged me to try it on, as orange-toned reds don't normally work for me. Turns out that I ended up loving it. It's a rusty red that feels more wearable for every day than my normal pillar-box shades.

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Emma Spedding, Deputy Editor


JK Magic
(Image credit: @SPEDDINGEMMA)

"When I was handed a star-covered lipstick case and told I was testing JK Rowling's one, I was expecting to find something that looked like it was made in Herbology, but thankfully for my face, this isn't a lipstick version of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans. I normally wear Charlotte Tilbury's Bitch Perfect, and this nude lipstick is a slightly darker shade but is a perfect everyday lippie. I am sold."

Nell Block, Assistant Editor


Wearing: Dancefloor Princess
(Image credit: @NELLBLOCK)

"I'm kind of an all-or-nothing woman when it comes to lipsticks. I go for either a bright red or a pinkish colour that is essentially the same as my lips. Dance Floor Princess (named after Kylie Minogue) is the latter version, and I really love it. It enhances my natural lip colour and makes me look more tanned. A big yes from me."

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Alyss Bowen, Social Media Editor


Amazing Amal
(Image credit: @ALYSSBOWEN)

"I'm a big fan of Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks already. and these new shades are no exception. I'm normally a 'red red' kind of girl, but the pinky hue of Amazing Amal caught my eye immediately. This shade is more wearable than a true red for a day in the office and looks great when worn with blush-toned tops, which I just so happened to be wearing on the day of testing!"

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Mica Ricketts