Gigi Hadid Is So Into This Look She Wore It Twice This Week

We wouldn't ever describe Gigi Hadid's style as preppy, but this week she has adopted an old-school collegiate styling trick. Twice this weekend she wore a chunky knit jumper in primary colours (yellow and then red) looped around her shoulders in the Kensington knot—a styling move that has long been associated with the Sloane Square set and was a Princess Diana signature.

Gigi proves that you don't have to wear headbands and loafers to try this styling move, as first up she paired her yellow jumper by Salla LaPointe with a matching yellow corset crop top and yellow trousers with a lace-up front. She also used a bright red jumper looped around her shoulders to jazz up her black jeans, black crop top and black Reeboks. The perfect solution to the Do I need a jacket or not? morning debate.

Scroll below to see how Gigi Hadid is styling her knitwear, and shop similar styles below. 


(Image credit: Rex)

On Gigi Hadid: Sally LaPointe jumper, trousers and crop top. 


(Image credit: Rex)

On Gigi Hadid: Tommy Hilfiger jeans; Reebok shoes; Rebecca Minkoff jumper.


Emma Spedding