I'm Shocked That Gigi Hadid's Mango Leather Jacket Isn't Sold Out Yet

Gigi Hadid's Paris Fashion Week wardrobe was one for the books, per usual. She'll probably be the poster child of model-off-duty style for the 2020s when we look back. She's always effortlessly cool and trendy (but not overly so) and expertly mixes high and low items regularly. But let's discuss one outfit, in particular, that she wore between shows earlier this week in Paris.

Hadid's perfect fall look consisted of many trends, including a maxi skirt, ballet flats, crop top, baseball cap, and Prada's Arqué Bag. But the thing that tied all the subtly trendy items together was her worn leather jacket that could've easily passed for vintage—alas, it was Mango. If you scroll through Mango's current jacket offerings, you'll spot many good ones, but the Oversized Worn-Effect Leather Jacket that Hadid went with really stands out. It's a high-quality piece that'll continue to look better with age. And while worn leather jackets are a trend right now, they're never not cool. At $600 the jacket is more of a splurge than most of Mango's inventory, but given the factors above, I think it's worth it and that Gigi would agree.

Keep scrolling to shop the (miraculously still-in-stock) jacket as well as a few of my other Mango favorites.


(Image credit: Claudio Lavenia/Getty Images)

On Gigi Hadid: Mango Oversized Worn-Effect Leather Jacket ($600); Prada Arqué Leather Shoulder Bag ($2700); Mansur Gavriel Dream Ballerinas ($395)


(Image credit: Claudio Lavenia/Getty Images)

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