I Never Wear Leggings to Work, But This Outfit Convinced Me

Photo: Backgrid

I've never really gotten behind the idea of wearing leggings to the office. As someone who works out fairly regularly, there's just something weird to me about crossing a boundary between how I dress professionally and how I dress in my time off. But having spotted Gigi Hadid's latest ensemble, I'm beginning to think differently. I know that for many women, the office is never a place for leggings, but for those who can get away with it, Hadid's polished look is a great starting place.

First off, by pairing the sleek leggings with coordinated ankle boots and a black turtleneck, it creates a streamlined base layer and keeps things from feeling too casual. A printed blazer draws attention upward and adds a polished, tailored sensibility to the ensemble. Then, by finishing with fun and eye-catching accessories, the focus is on the pieces she chooses to mix things up. Now I'm tempted to try a similar ploy on a day when I want to let my jacket or accessories shine. Read on to see the ensemble and shop similar pieces too.