Thanks to Gigi, We Want to Wear This £30 M&S Jumper to Our Next Party

If you feel your best in a cosy jumper rather than anything sequined, feathered or lace, it can be easy to feel like you don't look like you during the festive season. But at a V magazine dinner in New York last night, Gigi Hadid wore a low-key look that is perfect for girls who can't remember the last time they wore a going out-out outfit.

Gigi wore a Chanel sleeved dress with a deep V-neck and then layered a grey roll-neck jumper underneath. She then added subtle party touches, wearing silver glittery eyeliner and shimmery ankle boots.

Keep scrolling to see how Gigi Hadid wore a grey roll-neck to her fashion party.


(Image credit: Rex)

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