At Least One Person in Paris Is Into This Styling Trick



Recently when I was scrolling through Instagram, I paused my feed on a photo of French It girl Jeanne Damas wearing a sweater and a wrap skirt. What struck me was the simple styling trick she used to completely transform a cardigan from her brand Rouje. Instead of wearing it buttoned up, open, or even tucked in, she had it tied up at the bottom much like you might wear a collared shirt. She has an uncanny ability to make the most basic closet staples feel cool, and this is just the latest example of that.

I imagine this will catch on and have a feeling we will start seeing this trickling through spring and summer outfits everywhere. Whether worn with a skirt like Damas, over a cute floral dress, or even on top of a swimsuit when the sun starts to set, this is a brand-new way to layer for the season ahead. Here shop our favorite cardigans to try it for yourself and tap into French-girl style.