French Women Wear These Trendy Basics, and They're All Available at Nordstrom

We often turn to French women for style ideas. After all, many in this set have perfectly mastered that je ne sais quoi with wardrobes filled with effortless, no-fuss pieces. And yes, this includes those more elevated basics. In fact, after scrolling through some of my saved images on Instagram, it's clear that many of my favorite Parisian looks are actually comprised almost entirely of trendier basics. I decided to highlight some of the standouts for you below.

Furthermore, I realized that all of the pieces coming your way are actually available at Nordstrom. So yes, it's totally easy to shop for one of the essentials if that's of interest. Keep scrolling to check out the trendy basics French women wear, complete with outfit inspiration and product recommendations from Nordy. 

1. Black Minidress

French Girl Fashion: the best black dresses



Mini and maxi dresses have reigned supreme this season as a forward choice among the style set. It's the versatile mini styles in forward cuts that French women seem to be gravitating toward, in particular.

2. Relaxed Shirting

It's basically the year of the relaxed shirt. It's more or less a top trendy basic for so many because it's chic and can be styled in different ways.

3. Loose Jeans

Yep, loose jeans aren't going anywhere anytime soon. That perfect style just makes any look feel all the chicer. Case in point? This outfit. 

4. Boxy T-Shirt

French Girl Fashion: the best T-shirts



In the tee realm, it's the boxy cut (especially with a longer sleeve length) that's a front-runner to complete effortless silhouettes.

5. Oversize Blazers

French Girl Fashion: the best blazers



French women continue to embrace the oversize blazer as an easy way to bring modern sophistication to any ensemble.

6. Asymmetric Tank Top

French Girl Fashion: The best tank tops



Tank tops in asymmetric cuts are a favorite because they're unique and interesting and so easy to wear with just about everything.