Here's How French Girls Do Stay-at-Home Style


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There's no doubt we're utterly enamored with French-girl style here at Who What Wear—from the items they prioritize in their closet to the lingerie brands they love as well as the subtle differences between French and American style. And as we continue in quarantine, we're especially curious as to what exactly these chic girls are wearing at home right now. Are they sporting sweats and leggings as much as we are?

We scoured all our favorite French-girl Insta accounts and did some digging. The one thing we observed is that Gallic girls are certainly not leaning into sloppy sweats. In fact, they're sticking to their effortlessly-chic aesthetic as normal, but with a slightly more casual twist—relying heavily on classic and elevated basics such as oversize button-down shirts, sleek and comfy knit tops (and yes, they're still wearing jeans). If you want to emulate their casual-chic aesthetic, scroll below as we share the pieces French girls are wearing at home right now.

An Oversize Button-Down


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No French wardrobe could possibly be complete without a relaxed button-down shirt. And throughout quarantine, it's been one of the most popular pieces we've seen Gallic girls wearing on repeat. It's easy to see why—they're effortlessly chic and add a relaxed polish to every ensemble.




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While we may be living in our leggings, French girls remain faithful to their jeans—even in the comfort of their own home. It's an easy and casual option that pairs perfectly with their button-downs, cropped cardigans, and tees. Opt for a relaxed, straight-leg fit. 


An Effortless Slip Dress


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French girls love the minimalist and uncomplicated nature of a slip dress at home, often wearing slip nighties as dresses. They're a perfect balance of comfort and elegance.


A Versatile Tee


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A timeless T-shirt is an essential part of a French woman's stay-at-home wardrobe with versatile black, white, and navy hues reigning supreme.


Comfortable Pants 


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Rather than sporting gym clothes all day every day, the French prefer comfortable yet elevated basics. Aside from jeans, we've spotted French girls in, relaxed wide-leg trousers and stretchy split-hem pants are popular since they're casual yet polished.


Chic Flats and Retro Sneakers


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When it comes to footwear, sophisticated, easy-to-wear flats such as ballet flats and leather loafers are the most loved options. We've also seen cool retro sneakers adding a laid-back touch to French-girl basics.


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A Cropped Cardigan


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We know French girls adore their cropped knit cardigans, and luckily, they also happen to be ideal for at-home dressing. Comfortable, cozy, and seriously cute.


A Nightgown-Meets-Dress


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Bypass the old, baggy sleep shirt and choose a fancy nightgown-dress hybrid instead. The vintage-inspired sleepwear trend has been on the rise, and French girls have been seen in their beloved luxury nightgowns as quarantine continues.


A Pretty Blouse 


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Along with classic button-downs, tanks and tees, pretty billowy blouses are prevalent in a French girls' at-home closets. You'll see plenty of vintage-inspired details such as lace collars and puff sleeves that are comfortable and non-restrictive. 


An Elevated Tank Top


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Sophisticated basics are the name of the game when it comes to French-girl stay-at-home style. Chic tank tops with elevated details such as a high neckline and ribbed knit fabric are prevalent right now.


Chic PJ's


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Aside from slinky slip dresses and fancy nightgowns, sophisticated PJ's are much loved among French girls. Think silky matching sets that are so sleek they could be worn outside the house too.




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The French care just as much about what's under their clothes as the clothes themselves—no matter where they are. We can all agree that they do lingerie really well, and they're certainly not neglecting their pretty and comfortable lace matching sets at home right now. 


Denim Shorts


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As the temps start to rise, high-waisted denim shorts are coming into rotation as a welcome alternative to jeans. Paired with a cropped cardigan or casual blouse, the look exudes a laid-back yet pulled-together vibe.


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