If You're Taking a Break From Skinny Jeans, Try These 6 Looser-Fit Denim Outfits

Yes, skinny jeans can totally be comfortable (especially when paired with other cozy pieces). That being said, we totally get if more relaxed denim cuts are your jam as well. If that is the case, what's coming your way may be of interest. That's right—we rounded up a range of chic denim outfits featuring looser jeans.

And yes, while each outfit below clearly has the looser denim silhouette in common, they also all share another similarity in that each is quite easy to put together. In fact, many can be created using items already in your closet.

With all that, keep scrolling to check out cool jean outfits to wear now or to reference down the road. And while we did mention that the looks in question are comprised of common fashion pieces many of us own, we also shopped out some cool items as well if you're interested in adding something new to your wardrobe.

Oversize Jacket + Tee + Jeans

How to wear straight-leg jeans with a blazer



Enhance a classic jeans-and-tee ensemble with a modern slouchy blazer and classic sneakers.

Chambray Shirt + Jeans

How to wear denim on denim



A denim on denim ensemble is laid-back and sharp—especially with the contrasting blues. 

White Shirt + Jeans

The classic white blouse is actually trending pretty hard right now. Try one that's unbuttoned at the bottom with high-waisted straight-leg jeans for a very modern silhouette.

Cardigan + Knotted Tee + Jeans

How to wear a knotted tee with jeans



A knotted T-shirt is quite fresh with loose-cut jeans and a colorful cardigan.

Turtleneck + Leather Jacket + Jeans

How to wear jeans with a leather jacket



You can't deny the power of a moto jacket to bring that "downtown" vibe to a denim fit.

Blazer + Jeans

Treat your blazer as an alternative to a blouse with your favorite straight-leg jeans.