So This Is Where French Girls Get Their Style Inspiration

At the Who What Wear offices, everyone started calling me our French expert. Now, this isn’t because I’m French (though I’m convinced I need DNA testing for conclusive proof), but it’s because I’m so fascinated by all things French. I lived in Paris for a summer, and ever since, I’ve been enamored by Parisian style and the effortlessness of it all.

I also work with Sabina Socol on her monthly column for Who What Wear, so I closely follow her style and ask her for insight into French-girl style from time to time. Recently, though, I was following a Q&A series she had on her Instagram Stories and was intrigued to discover that she actually looks to Americans for most of her style inspiration. Fascinated, I asked her to tell me more.

“I think actually my favorite accounts to follow for inspiration,” she explains, “and also my favorite brands, are Americans!” Interesting, because this whole time I’ve been looking to French girls to glean a good portion of my style insight.