I Call Paris Home, and This Is My 5-Piece 2022 Wardrobe


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Aïda Sané is one of those Paris-based creatives who just gets it in the style department. She's perfectly mastered that je ne sais quoi with an IG feed that's filled with effortless ensembles that are impossibly chic. So when we have the opportunity to tap her for sartorial tips, we jump at the chance. On that note, as we enter the new year, we wanted to get a sense from Sané of the items she plans on wearing even more of in 2022 to complete her covetable wardrobe.

Below, you'll uncover five specific pieces Sané will incorporate into her go-to uniforms, including inspired iterations of each. As you'll see, the items in question are highly versatile and could be of interest to you given that they can be styled in many different ways.

Keep scrolling to check out the items this French woman is wearing in 2022 for her day-to-day life in Paris.

Oversize Neutral Coat


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"This chocolate coat from Poszer is one of my favorites—it's from a lovely Korean brand that I got via W Concept. I can't wait to wear it more, as I'm obsessed with this chocolate color, which is a bit underrated but looks so expensive and elegant."


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"This is my 12 Storeez gray coat. I've worn this coat so many times, and I'm still going to wear it a lot this year. I love the oversize fit and how you can pair it with a bold color like I did with my orange Furla bag."


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"I feel like I'm always sharing coats here, but I love outerwear so much. This one from Arket is one of my recent favorites. I'm obsessed with the color—it's the perfect neutral, and I can't wait to experiment more with this coat."



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"I got my Gucci loafers last year. They're super comfortable, so these are going to be one of my staples for spring."

Baseball Hat


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"I was not a big cap lover, but it's recently grown on me, so I've started a little collection. This one from Polo Ralph Lauren is very practical for casual days when you don't want to do your hair but still want to look cool."

Sleek Crossbody Bag


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"I just got my new Chloé bag, which was on my wish list for a while. I wasn't expecting this color at first, but it goes really well with my wardrobe, and I love the design. It's a cute, chic bag for casual errands."


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"My DeMaker bag is my everyday bag. I love the design, and it's super practical. I just got the camel version, so I'm really excited to style it more in 2022."

Knee-High Boots


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"Filippa K boots are go-tos. I've worn these boots a lot lately, and I'm probably going to wear them a lot in 2022 as well. I like that they keep my feet warm and stylish, and they go with everything from shorts to skirts to jeans."

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