What Not to Wear in 2017, According to French Girls



With all this talk of prioritizing and resolution-making in the air now that 2017 has finally arrived, we figured it was time to get a fresh perspective on the 2017 trends we’ve completely talked to death (in a good way). And who better to do a little fashion investigating with than some of the most stylish French women we know? While it’s common knowledge that French style is based on simple and timeless pieces, don’t put it past these Parisian ladies to adopt a few fresh trends along the way as well.

With that said, we reached out to a handful of French fashion bloggers and talked all things trends—both the good and the bad. In addition to gawking over the trends they absolutely cannot wait to wear this coming year, they also had a list of trends they are more than ready to dismiss in 2017. Some of the items they mentioned might surprise you (like skinny jeans!), while others you’ll probably agree with immediately. Either way, their reputable opinions are worth taking to heart should you crave one of your most stylish years yet. 

Ahead, read all about the trends these French girls vowed to keep and toss in 2017.

Anne-Laure Mais



TOSS: Neon & Sportswear

“I definitely won’t wear neon or jogging pants. When its a question of trends, my first tip is to be validated by my boyfriend (he is not fashion connected). The jogging trend is definitely not feminine enough for me, but I like it on other girls! And I won’t wear the neon trend because it really doesn’t suit my skin color, and also because I hate unnatural colors.” 

TRY: Statement Earrings

“I really love the statement earrings trend. I don't wear earrings that often, but for special occasions and with my short hair, it’s the best way to make your outfit more interesting!” — Anne-Laure Mais

Adeline Rapon



TOSS: Blue Skinny Jeans

“As I stopped reading fashion magazines and don't really follow what's going on on the runways, I must admit that I just googled ‘2017 fashion trends.’ This makes me think about my skinny jeans… What should I do? I don't really like them anymore (well the blue ones—black ones rock), and I am thinking about sliding them.”

TRY: Statement Sleeves & Stripes

“I think that a little bit of everything is quite nice, especially some strong details like sleeve slits. I already love the oversize ones (well, on Leandra Medine they look fantastic). I also see that stripes are ‘in’ but to me they are a French classic. I think I'll wear them until I'm dead, and then wear them in my coffin (sorry).”  Adeline Rapon

Typhaine Augusto



TOSS: Chokers

“The one trend I would stop wearing is chokers. I do still love them, though.”

TRY: Fishnets

“And the one I'm surprisingly excited about is the coming back of fishnets tights or socks!” — Typhaine Augusto

Kenza Sadoun-el Glaoui



TOSS: Boyfriend Jeans

“This year, I won’t wear any boyfriends jeans. I just bought some new jeans, including high-waisted ones, and I definitely prefer these kinds of jeans. The silhouette is much more beautiful, and they give off this vintage vibe.”

TRY: Pink and Metallic

“On the other hand, I will not hesitate to wear pink. (As you know, the French are known to dress in black, but this will change a bit!) And recently, I developed a crush on metallic clothes. I just ordered a gold jacket." — Kenza Sadoun-el Glaoui

Sarah Nait



TOSS: Sportswear 

“The very urban and sporty silhouettes are not really my style, so I will not be wearing that—at least, not a full look.”

TRY: Menswear-Inspired Pieces

“I am really into masculine apparel—it’s all about oversize blazers and suits this season. I also noticed that the lamé trend is having a modern moment, and I love this fabric. It’s very energetic and elegant. A bit of nostalgic disco is always a good idea.” — Sarah Nait

Which trends will you be giving up this year? Be sure to tell us in the comments below. Up next, find out which trend French girls can't agree on.

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