A French Girl Walks Into H&M and Buys These 5 Pieces

What a French Girl Buys at H&M



The French truly are in a league of their own when it comes to style, perfectly nailing the sophisticated yet pared-back vibe we're all secretly trying to emulate. So it should come to no surprise that we often start with their shopping habits as an entry point in obtaining their je ne sais quoi. Recently, we’ve gone over the types of lingerie French girls buy, jewelry pieces they covet, and, yes, even what they scoop up at Zara. In regards to the latter, we thought you’d be curious about what Parisian women buy at other favorite fast-fast-fashion retailers as well. To that, we tapped French IG star Aïda Sané of BasicsTouch.com again to fill us in on the five items she always picks up at one her other go-tos, H&M.

"When I think about H&M, the first thing I think about is the great basics and coat options," she said. "I literally live in basics, and H&M will always be the ultimate gem in this category for me." Go on to learn more on how Sané navigates the store we all love, plus shop inspired items that will give you that effortless French look for under $100.

1. Sweaterdresses

"This is definitely a must-have for this season. It's the perfect piece to wear when you're feeling kind of lazy, but want to look dressed up and still feel warm. I love that you can throw it on and don't have to think about accessories, just put on knee-high boots (or sneakers) and you’re done."

Teddy Bear Coats

"H&M has an amazing selection of teddy bear coats. I love the look because you can wear it over everything in your closet, from high-waisted jeans to miniskirts. Usually though, I'm wearing one with my favorite jeans, a turtleneck, and a pair of sneakers for those days I want to feel warm and cozy but still look cool."

Puffer Coats

"I remember having a puffer as a child and hating it. But here I am 15 years later, and I'm buying the puffiest, chunkiest H&M puffers. I can't explain how happy I am when I wear the one here—people often ask me on the street where they can find it. I love it because it's so warm. You don't really need to put many layers underneath—try me, cold, wind, and rain."

Oversize Cardigans

"I realized recently that I live in cardigans. My oversize styles from H&M follow me everywhere. The perfect cardigan is a statement piece and can go with anything, but I like wearing them with dresses, especially my summer styles I want to transition into fall and winter."

Plaid Must-Haves

"I'm usually not a fan of print pieces, but as soon as I saw plaid all over the place, I started getting so nostalgic (Clueless, anyone?). I love that it can really add a chic touch to my look withing trying too hard."