The 6 Jewelry Pieces That Define French-Girl Style

If you had the chance to take a look inside a French girl’s jewelry box, what, exactly, would you find? Chances are there would be a few essentials you’d discover. If their Instagram photos are any indication, there are many jewelry pieces that all of the stylish French women own. From classics like the gold hoops they’ve been wearing for years to the new trends that have been picking up steam, we’re narrowed in on the jewelry capsule they have in common.

Whether you’re ready to embrace their jewelry in the form of everyday earrings, an outfit-topping belt, or KiraKira-worthy pieces, their staples are the perfect items to work into your workday or weekend looks. Get inspired by the covetable jewelry ideas below, and shop out the best gold- and diamond-encrusted items so that you, as well, can add some French-girl style inspiration into your outfits. Scroll down to see the six major jewelry pieces all Parisians own.


Gold hoops are an everyday essential you'll spot all the cool French girls wearing on the regular.


More recently, I've noticed French girls wearing cameo necklaces. These heirloom pieces add a cool vintage element to any look.


Just in time for the holidays, crystal statement earrings have exploded across Instagram.


Instead of tight chokers, French girls opt for slightly longer styles with delicate chains.


Belts may not always be considered jewelry, but when they look like layered chain-link necklaces, they should be. Take a note from Parisians and wear them over everything from dresses to denim jackets.


When it comes to pendant necklaces, the more the merrier. Pile them on with styles of varying lengths.

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