The Bra Style All French Girls Actually Own

If we had to sum up French-girl style in one word, the unanimous response would undoubtedly be “effortless.” It’s that je ne sais quoi that makes this crew feel cool with whatever they’re wearing—right on down to their lingerie choices. When it comes to the bra style du jour among Parisiennes, we went straight to the experts to get a sense of the silhouette that matters most.

As predicted, French girls consider their bra choice as important as their outer layers. It’s the foundation of their look, after all. As Ulyana Sukach, director of international development at Lingerie Francaise (the official promoter of French lingerie), told us, “Modern French women wear lingerie for themselves, and not for anyone else.” To that, the number one bra style in the drawers of French girls is any silhouette that makes a woman feel comfortable with no extra frills. “This means a style without a ton of extra padding and no excess wires, for a bra that’s breathable and light with clean cuts,” Sukach said. “It’s the new era of the extremely comfortable bra for French girls."

Interested in incorporating “the French bra” into your rotation? Go on to shop the key style (aka something without a ton of extra padded pieces) from French brands Parisian girls actually buy.