I'm Curious—What Do French Girls Buy on Amazon?



As a fashion editor and mom living in L.A who loves nothing more than instant gratification (aka two-day shipping) I tend to shop a lot on Amazon. From books to diapers and T-shirts to tea, I rack up a lot of mileage on my Amazon odometer, and my fellow editors can attest to shopping on the multi-brand platform as much as I do.

So last week, as I sat and wrote one of our beloved French-girl stories, it got me thinking, What exactly do stylish French women buy on Amazon (if anything at all)? Curious to find out more, I tapped into a number of fashion-forward French women that we love to feature here on Who What Wear to see what exactly they add to their Amazon carts on the regular.

Perhaps, not so surprisingly it seems French girls do not shop as much or as frequently as we do in the U.S for fashion items. One of the most popular items they do shop for on Amazon is books, along with home and decor items, beauty items, and niche products such as polaroid film (something that popped up several times). Intrigued? Read on to see what some of our favorite French girls shop on Amazon.

Géraldine Boublil



"I recently shopped a lot of polaroid films on Amazon as I love the look of polaroid shots—especially during my travels. They add a special atmosphere to the pics."

"What I surely shop the most on Amazon are books. The latest one I got is Factfulness. During these uncertain times, I feel the need to learn more about true facts and base my opinion on this and not what is being said."

Jen Azoulay



"I bought the Gua Sha after learning online all the amazing benefits of massaging your face with it."

"Sophisticated and practical. These kitchen towels were a great recent purchase I made on Amazon."

Léna Farl



"The type of product I buy the most on Amazon are books. But I also like to explore the site from time to time in search of fun gadgets that I never thought I would need but which, I must admit, are sometimes very useful like this makeup-brush cleaner mat."

Marissa Cox



"What do I buy on Amazon? Books, books, books! I read a lot—fiction, non-fiction, self-development and business books in paperback and audio. I always have around three on the go and have a huge running books list currently on Amazon. Next on my list are these below."

"I also buy a lot of things for my home on Amazon. I recently bought a water filter (health is wealth!), and I have my eye on the beige or white Smeg blender as I don't have much space in my little Parisian kitchen so a blender would be on display and I want it to look good! Plus, I plan to be making a lot of soups and smoothies come September to stay healthy."

Clémentine Desseaux



"This is basic French-girl skincare. This is what I start and end my day with."

"I like to buy Activated Charcoal on Amazon. It helps me get a handle on my gas. I used to have daily belly cramps from gas and now it's all gone thanks to this all-natural charcoal. No medicine needed. Just two of those every morning with my coffee!"

Julie Sergent Ferreri



"I love having memories from these disposable cameras!"

"This is the last book I bought on Amazon. I'm still reading it but love it already!"

Chloé Harrouche



"I love to buy foods that I can't buy anywhere in Paris, for example, olive oil from Sicily (that I can't cook without!) or my favorite American apple cider that I love to add two or three spoonfuls to my water for health benefits. As well as Maldon organic sea salt for flavoring and cooking."

"I also buy my Shu Uemura hair serum on Amazon which is literally my hair savior and is always out of stock in Parisian shops!"

Tamara Mory



"I usually buy photographic films and polaroids on Amazon. Perfect for capturing special moments." 

"I also like to buy home items on Amazon. The last purchase I made was this cool Studio Ghibli décor piece."

This post was published at an earlier date and has since been updated.

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