Our Boss Gave Us $25 to Spend at Amazon—Here's What 3 Editors Bought

There's nothing I love more than scoring a stylish yet affordable piece, and one of the best places to do just that is Amazon. With the endless number of products on the site, it's completely understandable why many shoppers quickly give up on their search for fashionable pieces. Thankfully, Who What Wear editors are pros at finding all the gems throughout Amazon's offerings. In fact, we recently put this to the test with three editors, myself included, when we were each given $25 to spend as we please.

Unsurprisingly, I had a hard time narrowing down my top pick. I was tempted by some super-trendy pieces like a rhinestone bra for upcoming holiday parties, but I decided to shift my attention to something I would get more wear out of, like a cool, classic accessory. It turns out the other editors happened to pick out some timeless pieces of their own. Keep scrolling to see what we bought on Amazon and how we styled each piece.

1. Bustier Tank Top


(Image credit: @katcollings)

"I saw this $19 top on TikTok and immediately bought it. It's one of the most flattering shirts I own. Plus, even if it's a little wrinkled—as mine was coming out from the package—I love that it's stretchy and formfitting so any wrinkles get smoothed out. I just wish it came in more colors, but the black and white is my next purchase." — Kat Collings, Editor in Chief


(Image credit: @katcollings)

2. Crew Socks


(Image credit: @laurenegg)

"I was TikTok influenced to buy these socks, and I'm so happy I did. They're affordable, and it's so nice to open up my drawer and have a ton of the same 'aesthetic' socks. My existing mishmash of random styles has officially been moved to the back of the drawer. On TikTok, they say they're the perfect dupe for an Aritzia pair, but I just like that they're the perfect height and fulfill that Sporty & Rich/Matilda Djerf look." — Lauren Eggertsen, Editorial Director


(Image credit: @laurenegg)

3. Oval Sunglasses


(Image credit: Jennifer Camp Forbes)

"I blame It models of the moment like Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber for sparking my renewed interest in oval sunglasses. However, Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy's iconic minimalist '90s looks will always be top of mind. She wore this style of shades like no other." Jennifer Camp Forbes, Contributing Editor


(Image credit: Jennifer Camp Forbes)

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