6 Things That Make Stylish French Women Cringe

What’s considered stylish in France has been expanding rapidly thanks to social media and globalization. In fact, we see more commonalities than ever before between French and American women, whether it’s a shared love for the latest It item or denim trend. However, there are still some style moves to which French women generally say, "Non, merci."

Reminder: Just because it’s not for them doesn’t mean a thing about how you should feel about it; we simply found the nuances too interesting not to share. Keep scrolling to hear from six stylish French residents on the fashion looks they’re hard passing on, and then keep going to see what women are wearing in Paris right this second.

Non: Bulky Outdoor Gear
Oui: Trench and Belted Coats

“You can spot a tourist right away by the way they wander around Paris in outdoor gear like they're about to embark on a hike. Bulky outdoor gear is a big no in a chic city like Paris, where trench and belted wool coats reign supreme as cold-weather cover-ups." — Marissa Cox

Non: Wearing a Nude Bra All the Time
Oui: Alternating With White and Black Bras

Just say non to the nude bra… at least a few days a week! Embrace new colors and see how they make you feel. Most French women don’t wear nude bras. White or black is their neutral.”  Verity Balzan

Non: The French-Girl Cliché
Oui: Varied French Style

"I have to say I am quite bored of the 'French style formula' at the mo, especially as girls have claimed it as a money spinner. Sounds cliché, but the reason real French girls look so good is because they are quite comfortable with who they are. And not because they are wearing a Breton top!” — Camille Charriere

Non: Huge Bags
Oui: Small- or Medium-Size Bags

"I don't like huge bags. I think the sexier thing you can do, when it comes to bags, is showing that you don't need to carry your whole house (or bathroom)." Sabina Socol

"I don't like big bags. The only big bags I wear are my baskets to go to the beach or to the market.”  Anne-Laure Mais

Non: Wearing Leggings as Daywear
Oui: Trousers, Skinny Jeans, or Knit Pants

“I can't speak for all French women, but I guess in France, leggings are still synonymous with bad taste. The border between sportswear and casual clothing is really thick. If I want to wear something close-fitting, I usually wear leather pants or skinny jeans. And if I am looking for something comfortable, I go for knit pants or oversize pants. I choose not to wear leggings because I still see them as workout clothes.”  Sarah Nait

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