The Denim Trend Both French and American Girls Love

It's not every day that you'll find French and American girls wearing the same items. The two styles are pretty distinct—as we all know, French-girl style is synonymous with effortless, flirty staples, while American style is often more driven by seasons and trends (so many trends). More often than not, we Americans are the ones taking style inspiration from our European counterparts. So we were delightfully surprised to discover that both sides of the Atlantic are actually fans of the same denim trend.

We have the French to thank for popularizing high-waisted jeans with a wide-leg fit and a cropped hem. Sometimes called "sailor" pants, or more simply: cropped flares, this denim trend quickly became an international favorite, but what we love most is how the two countries wear the jeans with their own distinct spin.

Everyone likes to talk about how the two countries have very different approaches to dressing, and yet here's proof that we actually sip from the same proverbial well of inspiration. Go on to see the denim outfits from each country and shop our picks.

How French girls are styling the jeans

French denim trend



Strappy sandals and a satin top make these jeans a quintessential date-night favorite.

Available in sizes 23 to 31.

French style jeans



French girls can typically be found styling their jeans with romantic-style tops.

French style denim



Espadrilles are another French-girl favorite.

Romantic blouses and strappy sandals are the styling of choice in France.

How American girls are wearing them

Meanwhile, on this side of the Atlantic, neutral accessories let the jeans really shine.

NYC girls specifically are fans of wearing block-heeled mules with their cropped wide-leg jeans.

wide leg jeans outfit



You'll also find American girls taking a more minimalistic approach with this denim trend. Case in point: this whole outfit.

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