French Girls Wear These 7 Things Each Fall, so We Tried Them

I can count more than a few times when French girls influenced my style, and since I lived in Paris years ago, the Parisian approach to getting dressed has left a long-lasting impression on me. Turns out, I’m not alone because our team of editors has also found French girls’ looks as points of inspiration, and this fall, we’re incorporating some of their fall staples into our personal wardrobes.

Ahead, our team of Who What Wear fashion editors is test-driving some of the French fall shopping staples that you can get from Who What Wear Collection that you’re guaranteed to spot on the street of the Marais or a stroll through the Left Bank. And we’re putting our own spin on how to wear them, so get ready for some fresh styling ideas. Here, you’ll find seven key French fall shopping items to add to your new-season wardrobe.




The French look: With a long-sleeve white tee, tailored trousers, and white sneakers.



The Who What Wear editor look: With a strappy slip skirt and floss heels.

Knit Polos

The French look: Layered underneath a pantsuit and with some throwback sunglasses.

The Who What Wear editor look: Tucked into wide-cut black jeans.




The French look: Topping off a white T-shirt and leather trousers.

The Who What Wear editor look: Worn with a matching tank and light-wash jeans.


The French look: Styled with a leather miniskirt, a scarf, and strappy shoes.



The Who What Wear editor look: Paired with classic jeans.


The French look: Prints on prints with a diamond cardigan.

The Who What Wear editor look: The full matching set and a turtleneck layered underneath.

Button-Down Shirts



The French look: Stealth layering with a turtleneck underneath, all tucked into jeans.

The Who What Wear editor look: Buttoned just in the middle and styled over a midi skirt.

Loungewear Sets



The French look: The three-piece matching set and gold necklaces.

The Who What Wear editor look: The cardigan and pants topped off with a leather blazer and paired with printed shoes.