5 Free Styling Tricks I Learned From Following Elsa Hosk

5 free styling tricks to copy from Elsa Hosk



I'm not even going to try to play it cool here: I'm a full-blown Elsa Hosk fanatic. Her Instagram account is one of my absolute favorites to follow, and I find myself in lurking her feed more often than I care to admit. I can't help it, though—she has curated so many beautiful outfits, and offered up so many genius styling tips.

Some of the tricks I've learned are unattainable (e.g., adding a chic designer bag upgrades even the most simple of outfits), but there are actually quite a few virtually free tips I've picked up from the supermodel, most of which involve taking pieces you already own (like your oversize blazer or favorite sneakers) and styling them in ways you may not have considered previously.

Below, I'm sharing the five free styling tips I've learned from Elsa Hosk, as well as the key pieces you'll need if you do feel like doing some shopping.

1. An oversize blazer goes with everything.

Whether it's over high-waisted jeans, a slip dress, or a denim skirt, Elsa proves an oversize blazer not only goes with everything but makes every outfit look infinitely cooler. It lends an effortless vibe to a look without ever feeling too contrived. It also just happens to be the perfect third piece for fall…

The button detailing on this one makes it really stand out.

A checkered blazer is perfect for fall.

2. Always add a leather piece.

Leather separates are trending huge for fall, but Elsa has been incorporating them into her outfits for years. She always manages to work a leather piece into her look—whether that's a blazer, shirt, or pants—and it makes everything feel cooler. This fall, my rule is going to be whenever I find myself reaching for denim, replace it with leather.

This looks significantly more expensive than it is. 

3. Pair sneakers with unexpected outfits.

Pairing chunky sneakers with a feminine dress or leopard pants is guaranteed to attract compliments. The juxtaposition of the two unexpected pieces gives off that effortless cool-girl vibe Elsa has perfected.

These have a cult following for a reason. 

4. Always use a belt to define your waist. 

Defining your waist is a styling tip that's been used forever, but Elsa makes it a point to define hers with a belt with every kind of outfit. From coats to sundresses, you'll never see her without a chic belt wrapped around her midsection. This creates a feminine shape with even the most boxy of silhouettes. 

If you're looking for an everyday belt. 

5. Never toss graphic tees.

Elsa makes it a point to recycle graphic tees of all different colors and prints, and always manages to pair them with something unexpected. From animal prints to oversize blazers, she's made me think twice about tossing another tee for fear of the future outfit possibilities I'd be tossing along with it.