5 Thumb-Stopping Fashion Items That Photograph Unusually Well

Have you noticed when scrolling through Instagram or looking at street style photos from various fashion weeks around the globe there are certain clothing items that seem to stand out from the rest? They catch the camera flash or the sun just right and seem to shine a bit brighter than everything else in the photo? Maybe it's because looking at fashion photos all day is part of my job, but I definitely have—and couldn't quite put my finger on what it was that made certain pieces photograph so well. 

To dig deeper, I reached out to one of my favorite fashion photographers Vincent Elejorde (who regularly photographs some of the top influencers such as Camila Coelho, Jill Wallace, and Jenn Im) to hear his professional opinion on what pieces photograph best. “I’d have to say that a fashion item I love photographing is anything silk," Vincent explains. "Whether that's scarves, skirts, dresses—they all reflect light perfectly and bring depth and dimension to an image.”

Once I started researching Vincent's tip, it became very clear to me how right he is. Below I've outlined some photo evidence of this phenomenon. From vintage-inspired scarves to chic slip skirts, this fabric catches my eye every time. I've also shopped out some key silk pieces in each category that are guaranteed to make your next photo stand out. 


This print will definitely stand out in photos.

Tie this around your neck or a handbag for a chic pop of print. 


The movement in this sash would photograph amazingly.

This green was made to be photographed.


To pair with your white silk dress.



The attached choker detail makes this button-down really stand out. 

Even basic denim will pop next to this top. 

A timeless top to wear forever.