The 5 Types of Sneakers Dominating 2019


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Every time the seasons change, I look to runway shows, fashion week street style, and my favorite fashion girls to find the newest shoe trends for the next season. Then I embark on an online shopping journey to fill my (admittedly already overflowing) closet with the latest and greatest.

Every season, however, I run into the same challenge: I find myself drawn to new sneaker styles. I can't help myself—living in New York City, I easily walk 10,000 steps every day and have suffered many a blister along the way. Consequently, I've learned to value comfort over everything, and there's no shoe style that fits that bill like a good sneaker.

Not only that, but sneakers lend the perfect street style edge that I value in my personal style. Whether I'm pairing them with mom jeans or a summer dress, sneakers are the most versatile item in my entire closet. I'd consider myself somewhat of a sneaker expert, so you can trust me when I say these are the top five sneaker trends of 2019—and I own them all.

Dad Sneakers

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Like it or not, dad sneakers are here to stay. As their biggest fan, I wear my Filas for everything from coffee runs in my mom jeans to brunch in a white cotton dress. I've had my eyes on the Balenciaga Triple S Sneakers for ever and am finally going to take the leap. 

White Sneakers

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Sneakers are already the most versatile shoe style, but white sneakers take it to a whole new level. Whether you're pairing them with a slip dress or a miniskirt, white sneakers somehow manage to pull every outfit together in an effortlessly casual way. 


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Platform sneakers have a way of making my legs look longer, my outfits seem more delightful, and my overall look just seem enhanced. It truly is as miraculous as it sounds. Just adding a couple inches to the sole of the shoe has a profound effect, upgrading the chic-ness of the sneaker and doing wonders for my appearance.

Rainbow-Colored Trainers

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Quite the contrast to the all-white trend, color-infused '80s-redux sneakers are everywhere from the streets to your Instagram feed. Providing a fun, flirty twist to any outfit (be it a sundress or a chunky knit–and–mom jeans combo), rainbow-colored trainers are quickly rising to the top of the sneaker world.

Sneaker Boots

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When it comes to streetwear, sneakers often grab more attention than the rest of an outfit. Never is this truer than when someone's wearing sneaker boots, which littered the streets during Paris Men's Fashion Week S/S 20. From the Off-White runway to Kanye's feet, you're about to see this trend everywhere.

Now that you have your sneakers, here's how to style them.