Splurge-Worthy Pieces We're Buying on Payday

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Call me obsessive, but I keep a shopping wish list on the notes section of my phone. Not only does it act like a shopping guide, ensuring I don't purchase yet another piece similar to something I already own, but it feels aspirational. Each time the direct deposit hits on payday I eagerly check my shopping list to see which products I can check off.

Since this is a wish list, these products tend to be timeless items I can only justify treating myself to in moderation. Curious what I'm currently lusting after? Scroll below to see the top three trends I'm eyeing (like just about every diamond piece from The Forevermark Tribute™ Collection).

Diamond Accents

You've heard the cliché saying that diamonds are a girl's best friend, and after taking a peek at these Forevermark essentials, I have to agree. I normally opt for tiny gold hoops and a simple chain gold necklace but am drawn to how these shiny pieces offer the same minimalist style I love but are a bit more exciting.

While I can't justify buying all the pieces below I'm craving, I'm particularly drawn to the items from The Forevermark Tribute™ Collection. The necklaces feel timeless, and the earrings feel like the perfect added sparkle for the holiday season. As for the rings and bracelets, I'm planning to pair the Diamond Chain Bracelet with the Stackable Ring as my new everyday stack. 

Cashmere Sweaters

As the temperatures drop and the motivation to get dressed in the morning dwindles, I'm sourcing cozy cashmere to keep me looking professional and feeling comfortable all season long. With so many brands offering more affordable cashmere options (thank you, Everlane and Reformation), it really doesn't feel like such a luxury to wear this material daily. Shop the affordable and more luxe options below. 

Shearling Jackets

In case you needed an excuse to buy a new jacket for winter, I'm here to happily give you eight. Shearling not only adds a more interesting feel to your outerwear, but it's also insanely comfortable and warm. I have my eyes on the leopard-print number.

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