44 Perfect Flat Shoe–and-Dress Combinations for Right Now

After attending multiple fashion weeks, I noticed a commonality among the women who looked like they hadn’t tried very hard: They were wearing dresses. That’s not to say you can’t look effortless in a look with pants, shorts, or a skirt, but there’s something about wearing just one article of clothing that radiates nonchalance. Jumpsuits share a similar trait. You can make a dress work with just about any pair of shoes under the sun, but if you pair flats with said dress, that’s a sure bet for an easy look. Comfort and minimal time in front of your bedroom mirror? That’s a pairing I can get behind. And before you say that flats and dresses are best left for those bestowed with model-like height, I made sure to include examples from women of all statures. As someone who is 5’4”, I definitely consider it as well! With that said, scroll down for the flats-and-dress outfits worth re-creating, handily split up between different types of low-to-the-ground footwear.