We Just Realised Fearne Cotton and SJP Love the Same Under-£10 Trend

Sartorially speaking, Fearne Cotton and Sarah Jessica Parker are pretty far apart. Yes, they both like to experiment, but where the former is more rock 'n' roll, the latter is very New York. However, this week both women have adopted a penchant for wearing the same tights-and-shoes combo: a pair of fishnets with metallic heels. Of course, each wore this look in a completely different way. For Fearne, it was about sticking to her signature style, with a pair of metallic green Vivienne Westwood ankle boots and fishnets, paired with a silver miniskirt and black. Whereas SJP went for a signature demure-but-kooky stance with her tights and added a pair of metallic purple stilettos (from her eponymous shoe collection) and a floral dress. The best thing is if you wanted to re-create the hosiery look, it'll cost you less than a tenner. Keep scrolling for both Fearne and SJP's outfits and to shop tights and metallic shoes.


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SJP's style is unwaveringly out there. Just look at her ability to print- and colour-clash. Fishnets add yet another dimension.


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Fearne's rock 'n' roll outfit wouldn't be complete without the silver skirt and faux-fur coat. 

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