Fast Engagements Are the Latest Trend—Here Are 15 Rings for That

First Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, then Hailey Baldwin and Justin Beiber—fast engagements are clearly the nuptial trend to try as the list of celebrities who are following suit only continues to grow. But what's the deal? The depth of their love for one another aside, we wanted to know what the deal was with this new engagement trend and, furthermore, how this speedy arrangement is affecting the marketplace. To get an expert opinion on the matter, we reached out to Jen Cullen Williams, the managing director of Luxury Brand Group.

"We are in an era of 24/7 access to speedy information," Williams told us. "In previous generations, it took months to years of dating to get to know a person. Now, in just a few minutes of scrolling and swiping through a social feed, you can instantly tell if you have common interests, friends, ideology, and the list goes on. The fast engagement trend is a byproduct of the swift available intel you can gather on a person at a rapid pace. Retailers need to join the fast proposal party by offering quick shipping, easy ring searching navigation, an assortment of ready-to-go styles and sizing, real customer photos and reviews on all products, and, of course, a generous return policy."

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One look at the shipping and ordering details written out on your favorite engagement ring sites to peruse (we all do it) will have you realize that the ring of your dreams, although not custom, might still take six to eight weeks to ship, and if you're trying to have a fast engagement, that might not fly. Ahead, shop 15 engagement rings that will get to you ASAP.

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