46 Items That Empower Women With Every Purchase

Let me hit you with some statistics: Women hold up to 80% of the purchasing power in the U.S., yet only 4.8% of the 500 most profitable companies in this country are led by women. It’s a deficit that you’ll hear echoed across the internet and social media as we celebrate International Women’s Day today. What’s great about today is that it offers us the chance to reflect on the state of things and take part in the changes we want to see to balance the playing field.

Although the fashion and beauty industries cater overwhelmingly to women and profit from products that are primarily designed, produced, and sold by women, the gender gap persists, with women making up a small fraction of those at the helm of the industry’s leading brands. Luckily, your choices can actually make an impact. One of the easiest solutions is to shop with intention by choosing the brands that empower women and carve out more seats at the table.

Whether or not we realize it, every time we make a purchase, we make a small but significant vote in support of the brands we’re shopping, which is why we’ve curated a shopping guide featuring the fashion and beauty brands founded by women and designed with women in mind every step of the way. They arm their artisans and factory workers with crucial life skills, employ them with financially stable jobs, and care deeply about their personal and professional growth. Oh, and they make ridiculously stylish clothes, bags, shoes, serums, moisturizers, and lipsticks.

Ahead, learn more about each brand’s commitment to female empowerment and start shopping to empower women today and all year long.