The Only Lipstick Shades That Matter, According to Fashion Insiders

To me, there is nothing as essential as a great lipstick. Even if I’m not wearing any other makeup, I always have lipstick on—a beauty lesson I’ve carried down from my mom who never steps out without wearing her favorite color. Even with bare skin, I feel like lipstick makes me feel pulled together, whether I’m wearing a neutral pink or a bold red lip.

There are a few key ways I discover great lipstick shades. The first involves carving out an afternoon to head to the beauty counter where I’ll swipe on shade after shade until I find what I’m looking for. Another method of discovery? Sliding into the DMs of friends, asking them to share the exact colors and formulas they’re wearing. So, what are the best lipstick shades to wear right now? To find out, I asked fashion insiders to share the best lipstick shades they wear on repeat. Here, discover the lipstick colors they can't live without.

Fong Min Liao, Artist

Best lipstick shades: red



"A clean face and red lipstick is my signature look. I'm very particular of the color red as it can't be too cool or too warm in undertones. This shade from Mac is the best shade for my skin tone that I have found, and as I often like to keep my skin dewy, I like my lipstick to be slightly matte. The staying power of this liquid lipstick is perfect too."

Renata Jazdzyk, Ven's Wife Style

"I love wearing matte lipsticks in fall/winter. This one from Chanel has a perfect color. I tend to go for natural makeup, and this lipstick complements this kind of makeup so well. It makes my lips pop a little while still looking natural."

Lauren Eggertsen, Editor, Who What Wear

Best lipstick shades: pink



"I am not a huge lipstick girl, but when I found this shade I fully changed my mind. The hue blends in with my natural lip color while enhancing it just the right amount. This is the kind of lipstick you always want to have in your purse should you need to spruce up last-minute or simply need some lip hydration. The texture is creamy and soft and doesn't leave your lips feeling dry at the end of the day. There are currently 32 shades, so all you have to do is locate the one that's right for you and you'll be just as satisfied as I am, I promise."

Megan Adelaide, Influencer

“My current favorite lipstick is Rouge Coco #466 Carmen by Chanel. This lipstick locks in the hydration and provides full coverage that’ll last up to a couple of hours before I need to reapply. Love having a bold lip from time to time!”

Nnenna, Elle Norway Contributor

Best lipstick shades: nude



"I love this shade from Hourglass. This is a nude lipstick that fits for everything—work, parties, and events! What I love even more with this lipstick is that even though it’s not matte it stays on the entire day!"

Stella Simona, Co-Founder Amarilo Jewelry and Haati Chai Jewelry

Best lipstick shades: deep red



"This is the perfect deep red for this season for a skin tone like mine. It also happens to be extremely hydrating although the finish is matte."

Pam Hetlinger, The Girl From Panama

Best lipstick shades: mauve



"Right now I'm into pink nudes and mauve colors. Couldn't pick one favorite, but I'm loving Laura Mercier Rouge Essentiel Silky Crème Lipstick because it's lightweight and has a satin finish to it and you don't need to apply a gloss on top. I love A La Rose. I also love Chanel's Rouge Coco Flash for everyday wear. My favorite shade is Jour. I love it because it's shiny and really moisturizing and I can re-apply it thought out the day."

Angela Fink, Creative Director and Co-Founder of We Are Dumont

Best lipstick shades: coral



"It's a matte mousse, which I love. The wand makes it easy to line your lips with the tip and then apply on the rest of your lips using the angled brush. The color is a dream; it's not too red and it's not too poppy. It can be worn for everyday use, even for a night out. It dries matte and stays, and there is no need to reapply an hour later."

Jen Azoulay, Creative Director and Visual Consultant

Best lipstick shades



"The perfect red to make any look a bit chicer."

Viktorija Svedkova, Brand and Communications Consultant

"I am a sheer lipstick kind of girl. I just got this Chanel one in Intense color after a trip to L.A., which I think pretty much explains my craving for adding a pop of color into my everyday makeup regimen. I like the smooth texture and how it moisturizes my lips all day long."