Double-Band Braids: The Hair Trend That's Going Viral

I’m always keeping an eye on the outfit trends emerging on the street style scene during fashion month, but I also look out for the beauty trends that are bubbling up among insiders. This season, there is one hair trend that is undeniably going viral among insiders: the double-band braid. I spotted the hairstyle everywhere from Copenhagen and New York to Milan and Paris, and it’s only been picking up steam among the fashion set.

The hairstyle is created by pulling hair back to the low part of the neck (either slicked back or parted in the middle), tying a simple braid, and then securing two hair bands—one at the end of the hair and another at the nape of the neck. Hence, the double-brand braid, as I’m calling it. Ahead, see how insiders are wearing the chic hairstyle and shop beauty essentials to try the look for yourself. I know I’ll be wearing it myself this fall.

Double-band braids


Getty Images/Christian Vierig

One cool way to wear it: with hair ties in a contrasting color.

Insiders have been wearing the style low at the nape of their necks.

Double-band braid hair


Getty Images/Christian Vierig

Add a serum to your hair to mimic this radiant shine.

Braid trends


Getty Images/Claudio Lavenia

Tina Kunakey is proving just how versatile this hairstyle is.

Cool braids


Sandra Semburg

Here, see how to wear the double-band braid with a middle part.

Cool braid trends


Collage Vintage

Or instead, try it with slicked-back hair that is swept to the back.

How to wear double-band braids


Getty Images/Edward Berthelot

Pernille Teisbaek is one of the fashion insiders helping to put this hairstyle on the map.

Or, if you want to give a nod to the hairstyle in an undone way, leave the second band off from the bottom.

Shop beauty essentials to get the look:

Thick hair ties are an essential for the double-brand braid.

You can try matching them to your hair color.

Or opt for a different shade as a detail.

Use a styling oil to make hair super shiny.

Or opt for a cream that will combat frizz if you hair flyaways.

Use a comb to define a middle part.

Then, brush back hair using a boar-brustle brush.

Set the look using a strong hold hairspray.

Touch up your ends with a smoothing oil.

If you want to repeat the look the next day, use a restyling spray like this one from Oribe.

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