6 Eyeglasses That Are Fashion Girl–Approved

Think back to the days of your youth when showing up to school in glasses was quite possibly the scariest thing, due to concerns over how the other kids would treat you. Speaking from experience, this feeling was not a great one. Well, that has all changed, thanks to the cool fashion girls of the world, who probably were rocking this once-nerdy eyewear trend way before it was eve considered an of-the-moment accessory. 

When we see girls like Kendall Jenner, blogger Cristina Cardona, and Emily Ratajkowski wearing frames reminiscent of ones our grandfathers wear, it's safe to say something is up. Whether it's for fashion or mere practicality, their frames of choice could not be more flattering to their faces or their outfits. With everything from round wire shapes to vintage cat-eye styles, these glasses are quite possibly the most stylish we have ever seen, and the best part about them? They have the fashion-girl stamp of approval. 

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