My Favorite Dresses Look Brand-New When I Add This Parisian Staple

While much of the spring season in Paris is marked by heavy rain, I got lucky on my recent trip and spent a lot of my time in the city seeing bright-blue skies and watching happy Parisians put on their first sundresses of the season. When I think about April fashion, my mind immediately goes to a cute little cardigan or a sundress—how smart the French are for pairing the two together.

My favorite thing about this outfit formula is that it has a way of making a dress that you've worn again and again feel brand-new. I'm fortunate to have an overstuffed closet filled with items that I absolutely love, so instead of continuing to find new things to buy, I've spent my time lately restyling my favorites from the past. Below, find 30 cardigans and dresses you're going to want to wear together.

cardigans with dresses

(Image credit: @camillecharriere)

If you're interested in emulating a librarian-inspired vibe, styling a cardigan with a good dress just might be the best place for you to start on your journey. Cool glasses and braids are how I'd style it.

cardigans with dresses

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Don't underestimate the power that an oversize slouchy cardigan and maxi dress can give you. It's the definition of effortlessly chic and, even better, feels like wearing a blanket.

cardigans with dresses

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Any sort of unexpected styling pulls me in, and I love the clashing prints and vibrant colors in this look. This is an area of experimentation that has no limits, so combine the unexpected when you're styling your cardigan and see what happens.

cardigans with dresses

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If you're looking for a classic and timeless French-girl approach, this look just might be it. A pointelle cardigan and slip dress will always have people greeting you with "bonjour."

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