The Trend Every French Girl Is Over

When it comes to fashion, French women know what they do and don't like. Trends come and go, but the French are undoubtedly some of the most stylish women year-round. We've talked to them about their thoughts on engagement rings, activewear, and closet basics, but what we really wanted to know was what they'd never wear.

We reached out to a group of French style bloggers and social media stars with a list of specific pieces and current trends. The one trend that they collectively agreed was the worst? "Ugly" shoes. We've discussed "ugly" shoes at length, and given the sophisticated aesthetic that we know and love French women for, it's not surprising that clunky shoes aren't in their repertoire. Keep scrolling to hear what they had to say on the subject, and then shop shoes that you would find in French women's closets.


From the picks above, it's clear that French women don't favor out-there shoe styles. To channel your inner je ne sais quoi, always choose items that have a touch of elegance.