Where Every Fashion Blogger Buys Her Jeans

Given that most fashion bloggers don't have typical 9-to-5 gigs, they have the luxury of being able to keep a casual-cool dress code day in and day out, which means that they can practically live in jeans if they choose to. Accordingly, they're experts on the subject of the brands that make the very best denim. 

The list of go-tos we spot bloggers wearing again and again includes some classic brands, some fast-fashion options, some directional high-end jeans, and some reworked vintage pairs. But one thing that they all have in common is that they're undeniably cool, inventive, well-fitting, and all-around lust-worthy.

To provide you with the ultimate denim inspiration, we looked to some of the bloggers who always have the latest and greatest when it comes to denim. To find out which denim brands the blogosphere is most loyal to, and to see how they style them (outfit ideas abound!), keep on scrolling. Plus, shop our picks from each brand.

What's your favorite denim brand? Tell us in the comments!