I Saved a Ton of Outfit Ideas This Year—These 8 Are the Ones I Actually Tried


(Image credit: @monikh)

Despite my best efforts, I am a 34928-tabs-open-at-all-times kinda gal. The alternative might mean banishing any fun finds to purgatory, i.e. my "favorites" (yeah, right) folder. The risk of that seven-layer chocolate cake recipe, DIY hair mask, and article about the health benefits of a nightly glass of red wine (important!) never seeing the light of day again is too high.

My Instagram saves are a different story. Here, there is a method to my madness. Call me Dame Dewey Decimal. I found most of my wedding vendors, brush up on my French, and discover new beauty hacks via long scrolling sessions.

Having all this inspiration at my fingertips has also helped break me out of a closet rut. I've been guilty of "hating everything in my closet" more times than I can count, when I'm really just a reconfiguration or single item away from a whole new vibe. Scroll along for the 'fits that caught my eye—and that you'll hopefully be inspired to test-drive in the New Year. (You know the saying—new year, new…)

Everyday Comfort


(Image credit: @ninakoltchitskaia)

Being California-based, my daily uniform generally consists of well-worn jeans and an easy tank. I'm perpetually on the hunt for holy-grail denim and new necklines to spice things up. Nina looks perfectly at ease in her scoop-neck and straight-leg jeans. If only artistic talent was an "add to cart" item.

Layered Luxury


(Image credit: @monikh)

Layering a silky slip dress under a cozy knit cardigan always makes me feel like a librarian with a double life. Perfect when you've got a good book at 4 but a cocktail party at 6. 

The Aviator


(Image credit: @ada_oguntodu)

A '70s-inspired look that translates perfectly to 2022. Fresh, contemporary, and flawless from head to toe. No notes.

LBBD (Little Black Backless Dress)


(Image credit: @fongminliao)

I've been obsessed with low-back dresses ever since discovering French actress Mireille Darc (if the name doesn't ring a bell, look her up). Pairing it with a pointy-toe boot lends the whole look a glamorous witchy energy. 

Peekaboo Tights


(Image credit: @piashah_)

Peekaboo tights are an exciting way to show off a little skin in colder months. Layering it under a big black coat or fur only amps up the glamour quotient. 

Waistcoat Dressing


(Image credit: @sabinasocol)

I’m a sucker for a waistcoat. Having a well-tailored one on hand is a great alternative to a plain tank or tee. (Also, Santa, if you’re reading this, I’m putting this Chanel bike basket on my Christmas wish list, thanks.) 

A Lydia Tár–Approved Look 


(Image credit: @neelam.ahooja)

I've been thinking about Lydia Tár since seeing Tár, in part because of Cate Blanchett's tour de force performance but equally because of her incredible wardrobe. I could see her poring over the piano in this menswear-inspired outfit. Plus Neelam's gorgeous curls are a good reminder to give my blow-dryer a break.

Business Up Top, Party on Bottom


(Image credit: @teefscorner)

The white button-down is giving Sharon Stone at the ’98 Oscars. The zebra-print micro mini is something Paris Hilton would’ve thrown on before hitting Les Deux. A perfect nod to Y2K that's not too on the nose.

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