The Non-Skinny Jeans All the Fashion Girls Are Currently Wearing
The Non-Skinny Jeans All the Fashion Girls Are Currently Wearing

The Non-Skinny Jeans All the Fashion Girls Are Currently Wearing

When Isabella Peschardt walked in to our style session a few weeks ago, I was expecting to go through my usual method: A handshake with the talent, a quick conversation about what we're working on and getting straight down to business (hey, we all have busy schedules). Well, I wasn't ready for what I was about to walk into because when the model, musician, and actual vintage shopping goddess walked in, all my rules went out the window. We chatted for a little longer than we needed to about how she finds the perfect vintage pieces (scrolling through TheRealReal at ungodly hours, I discovered, is the only way to shop) and I realized that she was a natural at picking really cool looks that worked with Levi's newest Balloon jean style.

I should preface with this: I’m a huge advocate for skinny jeans, slim-leg jeans, and generally anything that has a non-wide leg opening. I always have categorized myself as someone who couldn't pull off anything else (I'm short, sue me), but it helps that the Balloon jean is Levi's answer to a wide-leg that still sort-of fits like a straight leg. Isabella made me believe that there is a world outside of my comfort zone and the Gen-Z rising star showed me three really easy ways to style the jean, whether it's with a pair of sneakers or a slingback pump, and I can confidently say that I have been majorly influenced.

"My favorite part about the new Levi’s jeans would have to be the cut and fit," she told me when I asked what about it grabbed her attention. "I think it's sexy to show off a little ankle, and these jeans allow me to do that with its cropped silhouette."

I love that this outfit breaks all the rules. Clashing colors? How dare we. Mixing prints? Too far! But somehow, it works because the clean lines of the new Levi's style keeps it elevated, polished, and cool.

Looking for an outfit that feels like you have your s*** together? This off-duty ensemble Isabella put together screams cool-girl. "It’s effortless yet put together which is always the goal," in her words.

Isabella styled her lighter wash Balloon jeans with vintage cowboy boots (told you she was a vintage goddess) a lightweight knit, a versatile coat, and the perfect white bag. This look is ideal for those in-between spring days: Whether you choose to wear it with a lightweight coat or not, it always looks complete and put together. 

This look was actually the last piece of the puzzle for me to be fully converted into a wide-leg jean advocate. "I think this outfit would be perfect for a day party or a night out with friends," Isabella told me. I agree but what I especially love about this outfit is how elevated it feels. The cropped silhouette of the jean is perfect for a pair of heels, and for those of us who are more on the vertically challenged side, there's nothing I love more than versatile pieces like these jeans to style with my favorite pumps.