13 Outfits That Prove High-Waisted Jeans Are Eternally Chic

When it comes to denim jeans, the choices can be endless–from low-rise to wide-leg you can basically customize your jeans like your morning latte–but we firmly believe that nothing trumps high-waisted jeans. There’s an effortless and sophisticated air about them that doesn’t translate as easily with other styles, hence why we’ve become so enamored with them here at Who What Wear. That said, knowing which outfit combinations work best with high-waisted jeans is essential. You’ll want to focus on proportion and pair them with pieces that compliment the high waist like cropped shirts or tops that are simple to tuck in. Adding a belt or coat is another way to play up the silhouettes that can create an even more interesting sartorial take. 

To get your styling juices flowing, we’ve selected some of our favorite high-waisted jeans outfits worn by some of the most fashionable people on the Internet. Their outfits are so good it won’t be long before they become your own go-to outfit formula. Scroll below to see and shop them all.

1. Sheer turtleneck + Corset + Linen shirt



Take your high waist jeans to new heights with the addition of a silhouette-hugging corset layered over a  turtleneck. For extra points add a linen button down blouse for a breezy look.

2. Black sweater + Taupe wool coat + Mule heels

No doubt it's the season of layers, but a cool way to reimagine them is to drape a cozy sweater over a coat for an unexpected sartorial take. Wanting to add a fancy touch? Try mules. They will also be way kinder to your feet than stilettos.

3. Golf jacket + Logo Tee



It's time to dig the golf and Harrington jackets out from your grandpa's archives–they're trending pretty hard right now, so here's your chance to get ahead of the craze early. Turns out they also look amazing with a logo tee and a pair of light-wash high-waisted jeans.

4. Sweatshirt + Dad sneakers



You probably have more sweatshirts than you know what to do with right now, so consider this start of a new go-to outfit. Throw on some dad sneakers for days spent on your feet.

5. Cable-knit sweater + Faux-leather puffer vest

Here, two cold-weather power players join forces for the ultimate winter-proof look. Since it doesn't look like the snow will let up anytime soon, go ahead and coordinate it with a pair of clunky snow boots.

6. Floral puff-sleeve top + Chain belt + Point-toe heels



Jeans can absolutely be fancy, you just need to come ready with the right complements: we love the idea of a frilly, dramatic blouse and a trendy chain belt. 

7. Lace bodysuit + Collared coat + Colorful bag



Here's another lesson in dressy denim styling. A lacy bodysuit is an interesting contrast to the utilitarian vibe of jeans. Complete the look with an eye-catching colorful handbag and a simple coat, and you're good to go.

8. Shacket + Furry bucket hat 

Furry hats have been on our radar for a bit and when worn with high-waist jeans, it's the ultimate cool-girl uniform. Try adding another trend-forward piece like a shacket as an alternative to a basic jacket.  

9. Colorful trenchcoat + White t-shirt + Gold necklaces



It's hard to deny the power of a statement coat. In this case, a colorful faux-leather trench is just the right topper to turn a simple t-shirt and jeans combo into something special.

10. Brown wool coat + Neutral layered sweater + White t-shirt + Black sunglasses


Shop the look:

Neutral layers are just so effortlessly chic, that even your denim will shed its casual roots into a piece that feels extraordinarily expensive. Black sunglasses lend an extra level of sophistication.

11. Black button-down + Western belt

It truly doesn't get much chicer than black on black. To accentuate the high-waist, cinch it with a sleek belt.

12. Striped button-down + Mens belt + Black sweater

Lean into the menswear look, adding a minimal black belt and a blue and white striped shirt to high-waisted jeans. In keeping with the vibe, choose a pair of jeans that are loose-fitting.

13. White tank top + Light wash denim jacket + Chain bag

Mixing different washes used to be a styling taboo, but rules are meant to be broken– choose a lighter wash on top in the form of a denim jacket, and bring it all together with a plain white cotton tank and a shiny chain bag.