27 Fall Wedding Guest Dresses That'll Make Everyone Ask, "Where'd You Get That?"

I thought summer was going to see the last of the weddings I'd be attending, but sure enough, the invitations kept rolling in, and before I knew it, my fall calendar was booked. Consider it wedding season in overdrive—and it's only going to get busier for 2022. While opting for a pastel or floral dress is the easy option in the spring or summer, I tend to prefer the fall's moody colors, soft velvets, and silks. It's a palette I'm a big fan of. In fact, my wedding was in the summer, but the décor was filled with fall tones, and my bridesmaids wore black. If your schedule is packed or you're simply on the hunt for formal dresses this season, I picked all my favorites for you.

Below, you'll find 27 dresses that will no doubt give you the Best Dressed Guest title at any wedding you attend. You won't out-stage the couple, but you'll be the second best dressed for sure. From midis to maxis, velvets to silks, keep scrolling to find your favorite.

This shade of green is simply stunning.

This was a gem of a Zara find that I think about often.

Now, this is a fashionable wedding guest dress.

I don't mean to be biased, but there's a reason this dress is our best seller.

I've seen this dress in person, and it's even prettier IRL.

The perfect daytime dress in a color suited for the season.

The frill steps it up from your average halter dress.

Our Stella dress can easily be dressed up to suit any occasion.

A floral dress that works for fall.

It's hard to find short dresses that still read formal, but this one is a match.

Sometimes going minimal is the best option.

It'll be hard for people not to compliment you when you're wearing this.

Another great Zara find. Lucky us!

Fit for any season but especially fall.

You can easily dress this up with jewelry and a clutch.