I Want to Cover Myself in Leather This Fall—7 Outfits That'll Convince You, Too

I’ve always loved the look of polished leather pieces and still remember saving up to buy my first leather jacket in high school. While that was the only way I was wearing leather back then, leather pieces have now become a mainstay in my wardrobe. Yep, my closet includes everything from blazers to trench coats to bustier tops in leather and vegan leather versions. It seems that fashion insiders also share my affinity for the sleek items and are wearing them in an array of styles.

Looking to the fashion set, we’re seeing them covering themselves in leather in a wide range of ways this fall. I’m particularly drawn to matching sets with coordinating strapless tops and trousers, as well as the oversize proportions that feel fresh this season. If you’re looking for inspiration for how to wear fall leather outfits, scroll ahead. Oh, and there’s plenty of shopping finds for you to add to your cart.

The Leather Trousers

Leather pants have always been a fashion insider staple. In years past, though, tight styles were most popular but now looser, trouser-like versions are winning out.

The Leather Blazer

Throw it back to the '90s with a leather blazer. A piece I simply can't live without, this is something you should definitely add to your cart if you don't own one already.

The Matching Leather Set

Fall leather outfits: matching leather sets


Splash Images

I think about this Kendall Jenner look a lot and it's convinced me to add a matching leather set to my wardrobe.

On Kendall Jenner: CultNaked Choco Bandaeu ($140) + Choco Trousers ($235)

The Leather Skirt

Fall leather outfits: leather skirts



A sleek pencil skirt instantly gets a dose of cool when it's finished in vegan leather. Style yours with a crop top or leather blazer.

The Leather Bomber Jacket

Fall leather outfits: leather bomber jackets



Bomber jackets are making a comeback. This time around, though, look for looser proportions.

The Leather Dress

In my book, nothing feels cooler than a sleek leather dress. Styled with pointed heels, it's the ultimate date night look.

The Upsized Leather Jacket

Fall leather outfits: upsized leather jackets

More proof that leather jackets are getting more relaxed. Swap one of your form-fitting styles for upsized proportions.

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