These Are the Biggest Heel Trends for Fall

Let’s discuss my favorite fashion topic: shoes. They’re the piece I always start with when it comes to a new season, and with the summer swiftly wrapping up, fall shoes are currently top of mind.

Before I begin to think about coats or sweaters or all of the layers I may need to pile on as the temperatures begin to drop, it’s shoes that are poised at the top of my personal shopping list. There’s one easy reason: They’re the easiest piece to begin wearing in a transitional wardrobe between seasons. While boots are often added to outfits during the later fall months, heels are a great place to start because you can wear them now with all of your jeans and summer dresses.

Are you curious to know what the biggest heel trends will be for fall? Below, I’m highlighting five heel styles that will be on the feet of every cool fashion girl in the month ahead. Yes, you’ll be spotting these on your Instagram feed and all over the street style scene at fashion month. Get a head start on your shopping now and add the coolest fall heel trends of 2018 to your cart.