Here's How Celebrities 5'4" and Under Wear Boots

If you’re not a petite person, you may not see boot season as a challenge, but let me assure you it can be. While not a huge inconvenience, choosing great shoes for a petite frame can be tricky because the height of the heel and the shaft can drastically change the appearance of your frame. Instead of merely prescribing what pairs to wear or not, though, we’re looking to some well-known petite ladies to set an example. Seven of them, to be specific.

Considering the below A-list talents not only have great taste but also the regular help of stylists, we’re keen to follow their lead when it comes to the best boot outfits to try this fall. This includes both classic combinations, like jeans and ankle boots, and more inventive ones, such as chunky platforms with printed cropped trousers. In short: You’ve got options. Read on for seven celeb-approved ways to wear boots when you’re a proud member of the 5’4”-and-under club.