These Are the Biggest Accessories ATM, According to Our Readers

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Welcome to #WhoWhatWearing, a series in which we highlight you, our stylish community of readers. Each of the following looks came straight from a photo you tagged us in on Instagram. Want to be featured next time? You guessed it: Use #WhoWhatWearing on the outfit posts you want us to see. 

As editors we observe trends come and go every season, but the only thing that’s constant is the power of a good accessory. Nothing quite resembles the excitement of spotting the season’s It bag being carried by someone on the subway, or from seeing the season’s biggest accessory trend jump from the runway to the feed. It’s an accessory’s ability to become beloved beyond the fashion world that makes it valid—after all mini bags are only relevant if they’re actually being worn. But which accessories made the cut for y’all IRL? To find out, I combed our Facebook group and #WhoWhatWearing to see what readers are actually wearing this season and then reached out to a few to see why. Read on to see what accessories are worthy of your hard-earned money right now and will continue to be big well into winter, according to members of your fashionable cohort.

One chain, two chains, all the chains.

Chains have been one of the most anticipated jewelry trends of the autumn/winter season, and our readers have been wearing them in layers. As Christina told us; “I love the flexibility that comes with styling chains. I never wear the same set, I’m always switching it up, adding new ones to the mix. It’s a way for me to continue to experiment and feel ‘fresh’ yet still hold on to those sentimental jewelry staples I wear daily.” 

You, however, don't have to layer chains to get the look. In fact, as  Jami-lyn Fehr told us, “I spotted the chain necklace trend on the iconic @josefinehj and knew I had to partake in some way. I love the bold simplicity of the chunky chain pieces but knew I didn't want to layer too many chains. When I spotted the mixed-metal piece by David Yurman, I knew it was the perfect piece to achieve the look." 

Hats, headbands, scarves, oh my…

I'm so here for the moment hair accessories are having—and clearly, so are our readers. From hats and headbands to scarves you can’t go wrong; it’s basically the icing on the cake for any look. And I'm not the only one who thinks so;  as Phylicia told us, “I love to wear hats when I have a bad hair day or when an outfit needs that’s that little bit extra, it can totally change the vibe of an outfit.”

Jess Cheng is also a fan of hats—specifically bucket hats. As she told us, “I’m so happy that the oversized fluffy bucket hats are back—they just add that extra layer of interest to an outfit. Not to mention they’re great for hiding dirty hair days!” 

If a hat is too much of a commitment for your liking, swap it for a headband. Lauren Francine Campbell swears by headbands, especially the chunky/padded styles. She says, “they are perfect for effortlessly updating your hairstyle and your overall look, without actually doing much. Not to forget, they are also great for disguising flyaways.”

Not only are headbands great for those not-so-great hair days, but as reader Tina Prokas told us, “I’ve been obsessing over headbands at the moment because it can really elevate a simple look and give your outfit that extra wow factor." 

If you hate hats and headbands let me introudce you to this thing called scarves. If anyone gets why scarves are where it’s at this fall, it’s Kat Hsu. As she told us, “Growing up my mom had a huge collection of scarves and I didn’t really understand the appeal. I’ve since realized she’s had it right all along. They’re definitely the most underrated accessory—I mean, what else can you repurpose as a top, tie around your head to feel like a vintage movie star, add a touch of color to your ponytail, AND use to stay warm?” 

Scarves aren’t just an accessory though—for some, it’s a crucial part of their faith and their day-to-day wardrobe. As Noor told us, “Haute Hijab viscose hijabs and Vela Scarves modal hijabs are my staple year-round, but I’m really into silk square scarves right now and cutting standard rectangular scarves to create cleaner shapes with less fabric rather than draping the fabric over my shoulders.” Basically, scarves are for everyone. 

Bag ladies come in all sizes.

While forecasters have said the mini bag trend popularized by Jacquemus is over in favor of big totes, it seems that going big or going small is the dealer’s choice. As reader Meeka explained, “Things are cuter in compact sizes… it’s a subtle flex.”

But to the people who put practicality over flex, let Enis's love for the mini bag convert you to the cause. As she told us, “I love small bags because I find them so easy to wear and quite versatile. I always feel so free and not so restricted especially if I go shopping.” Who said mini bags couldn't be practical? 

If you've gotten this far, and mini bags still aren't your MO, an oversize bag might be right up your alley. Nicole explains, “My go-to accessory this fall season is definitely the oversize pouch bag. It's perfect for going to work—it fits everything I need, and it can transition to a nighttime look.” 

Allison also swears by big bags for any fall outfit. As she told us, “Unconventional big bags are my favorite way to elevate an otherwise simple look and add a layer of interest to anything in my closet.” 

Yeehaw (aka cowgirl inspiration).

While some may not get down with the cowgirl-inspired trend, no one can deny the cultural relevance and history of these accessories. Yolande Macon told us that she decided to wear this accessory because she was “inspired by Solange paying homage and igniting a movement of people educating themselves on the history of black cowboys in her latest work.” Yolande continues, “Wearing a cowboy hat is a symbol of pride for my culture and its history.”  

Yolande isn’t the only one whose giddy for cowgirl-inspired attire this season. As Michelle Fluer told us, “I’m loving the Western vibes this fall. You can’t go wrong with a vintage denim and cowboy boots.”

But if you’re still not ready to saddle up, you may want to hear Stephanie Arant out on this accessory trend. As she told us, “I never thought I’d be the one to love a cowgirl-inspired accessory, but here we are! The print just adds a really quirky and fun element into everyday wardrobe pieces and reminds me of all my favorite vintage shops I’ve stumbled into throughout the years.” 

Cuffing season, but make it fashion.

Hear us out on this one, cuffing season may be overrated, but wearing accessories around your wrist that gives a cuff-like look is worthy of a swipe right. You don’t have to take my word for it. As Emily explained to us, “I love layering my silk shirt sleeves with some gold accessories for a vintage look.”

But you don’t have to layer on the chains. In fact as Michella Choi told us, “You can create new ways to style any product, like this mini bag—you can layer it around the cuff as an accessory while taking another bag to create a popular double-bag look” At the end of the day, what we’ve learned is that it’s all about getting creative with your accessories to create a look you love.

Such a square… toe. 

Let’s make one thing clear—square toes are anything but boring. And Gosia agrees, she told us, “What I like about square-toes shoes is that they have this edgy and kind of sporty feeling at the same time that gives the extra coolness to the look. It’s a great alternative after years of pointed-shoes reigning supreme!”

We’ve seen many iterations of the square toe—from Old Celine to the Bottega Veneta version that took over 2019 street style trends. But the one that’s stolen our very own readers’ hearts, including Olivia’s, is Balenciaga’s version. As she told us, “The Balenciaga BB-Logo pumps were a definite win for me. The extreme square toe adds an instant edge to any minimal outfit during the day.”

The square-toed shoe doesn’t have to just be designer though—just look to Ambika Dhir’s take on the trend. As she told us, “I feel that this sleek shoe shape from Zara is a more wearable look of the hoof-shaped shoe that Balenciaga brought out this A/ W 19 and S/S 20. And the reason I love square-toed shoes is that they make any outfit look more modern and pair especially well with autumn pieces.”

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