The Only Fall 2019 Jewelry Trends That Matter, Ranked by Necessity

The F/W 19 runways were doused with fresh jewelry trends of every sort. This season, we're seeing more and more jewelry that's colorful, sparkly, and downright statement-making, which is only putting an end to the dainty, barely there pieces that ruled in seasons past. From crystal chandelier earrings at Paco Rabanne to the larger-than-life chainlink necklaces from Bottega Veneta, it's never been more appealing to go all-in on a full jewelry look.

Ahead, we've rounded up the nine fall jewelry trends you need to know about and the runway looks that sparked them. Everyone is sure to wear these styles, so we even shopped out the versions of each trend that you can buy right now (before all your friends do). Scroll down to see the necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and anklets that will go on to become It accessories over the next few months.

fall jewelry trends


Getty Images; Pictured: Dior F/W 19

Pearls are only picking up steam this season, but this time around they're being updated in polished, baroque-inspired designs. Perfectly spherical pearls are set to eclipse the freshwater pearl shapes that dominated this summer and a new classic is emerging: cameos. 

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Getty Images; Pictured: Stella McCartney F/W 19

All those jewelry DIYs you used to do as a kid? This trend comes with all the nostalgia but none of the tedious handiwork necessary. Everyday objects like the paper clip earrings at Stella McCartney define this quirky-cool look.

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Courtesy of Alexander McQueen; Pictured: Alexander McQueen F/W 19

Designers like Alexander McQueen, Prada, and Alexander Wang want you to embrace your rebellious side this fall. When it comes to your jewelry selection, that translates to punk rock–inspired pieces with all manner of crosses, pins, and chains. Silver seems to be the metal of choice to wear against your stark black outfits.

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Courtesy of Paco Rabanne; Pictured: Paco Rabanne F/W 19

Rejoice! The crystal earring trend you bought into last year is sticking around for the end of 2019. Fringed crystals that evoke a glimmering chandelier will be the It accessory of the party season ahead.

fall necklace trends


Getty Images; Pictured: Bottega Veneta F/W 19

Here's an opinion I think you'll share: Everything from Bottega Veneta's fall collection is a trend in and of itself (see square-toe shoes and puffy handbags as examples). And here's one more: oversize chainlink necklaces, which the designer Daniel Lee expertly layered over sumptuous knits. Come cooler weather, we predict the will be a popular look.

fall earring trends


Getty Images; Pictured: Alexander McQueen F/W 19

A load of fall's It accessories are made from see-through materials like glass and lucite (and not just jewelry, bags too!). From classics like hoop earrings to sculptural rings and bangles, there's no wrong way to approach the trend—clear jewelry of any kind just feels right. Clearly.

fall anklet trends


Getty Images; Pictured: Givenchy F/W 19

So you've been wearing your anklet nonstop all summer? No need to take it off on account of weather that requires covered ankles. Instead, take a cue from the Givenchy runway, where models layered theirs over tights—yet over a pair of fun socks works just as well.

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Courtesy of Area; Pictured: Area F/W 19

We thought we left bib necklaces back in 2010, but the F/W 19 runways are proving that the statement necklace is undergoing a renaissance. This time around, it's about glammed-up jewels and crystals that all your party dresses will be craving this fall.