Want Expensive-Looking Hair? These Are the 7 Haircuts to Ask For

Much like wanting to put together an outfit that looks expensive, when it comes to hair I generally find that most people want to know what styles will help them feel more elevated. But what’s the secret to an expensive-looking haircut and does it mean spending eye-watering amounts in the salon?

Luckily, no. The real key to luxe hair is to keep it in great condition. "No matter your style, if your hair is maintained well with regular trims to avoid split ends and breakage then it will always elevate your look,” says Stéphane Ferraira, Senior Colourist at Live True London.

There are, however, specific cuts and styles that will give you that rich hair look with little effort required on your part. And as someone who is notoriously lazy in the hair-styling department, this is music to my ears.

Ahead, I spoke to five hair experts to get the lowdown on the best expensive-looking haircuts for every hair length and texture. Plus, the products they swear by for recreating that high-gloss, polished finish once you get home from the salon.

1. Butterfly Cut


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One of the biggest styles of 2023, the butterfly haircut was a popular choice amongst our experts for an expensive-looking cut. 

"I'm a big fan of the butterfly cut to achieve a more upscale look, and it's very popular at the moment amongst my celebrity clients," says Bernardo Vasconcelos, Living Proof Celebrity Stylist and Ambassador.


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"The butterfly haircut is a combination of short and long layers to create shape and definition around the face, which highlights your facial features and gives a classier look," explains Vasconcelos. However, the real key is to always keep it styled and shiny."

2. Classic Bob


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It's as timeless a haircut as they come, but a classic, perfectly cut bob can really do no wrong when it comes to achieving rich-looking hair.


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"A one-length, perfectly cut bob in beautiful condition is so expensive-looking," says Michael LendonCreative Director at Aveda. "It suggests that you have spent time and money grooming, but without ‘showing off’. Its understated, perfected, and looks best cut well in just one length above the shoulder."

3. Concave Layers


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This '90s-inspired layered style has been taking off on TikTok this year, and oozes sophistication. The shape of the layers curve for a really polished finish.


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"Concave layering is an expensive-looking cut that helps to add body, especially around the crown, whilst leaving weight through the hair line," explains Robbie Purves, FFØR expert hair ambassador. "The effect is that hair feels and looks fuller, but it also allows for movement and texture to achieve an effortless finish."

4. Blunt Crop


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When it comes to expensive-looking haircuts for shorter styles, micro bobs and blunt crops reign supreme.


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"A blunt cut can either be worn straight or with some waves," says Ferraira. "But, if maintained well, a super-sharp crop looks so sleek and business-like."

5. French Bob


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Bouncy, volumised and oh-so-chic, the French bob has dominated so many of our hair trend lists for 2023. "It's very classy and easy to maintain which gives you that effortless, expensive look," suggests Limoz Logli, London Colour Specialist.


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Logli also points out that if you have coloured hair, then the upkeep of this is essential if you want your hair to look truly polished. "The key to keeping your hair looking expensive is to maintain your hair colour and choose one tone that matches your features," explains Logli.

6. Face-Framing Layers


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Layers are a recurring theme when it comes to expensive-looking haircuts, but its this choppy, face-framing style that varies in length that really fits the brief.

"From a mini fringe blended perfectly into a cheek grazing fringe which is then connected to jaw-length pieces... combine this with longer layers throughout the hair and you’ve got yourself an expensive-looking style," says Lendon. 


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"The key here is the versatility of being able to blowdry and groom your style, but it looks equally expensive when it's thrown up too," explains Lendon.

7. Longer Length


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It was pretty unanimous that long hair is a shortcut for expensive-looking hair—as long as it's trimmed regularly and conditioned deeply to maintain its condition. 


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"In terms of specific hair styles, long layers are a great option as they give your hair volume and movement and look effortless yet perfectly styled at the same time," says Ferraira. "As an added bonus, some long layers will show off the dimension of a balayage as well."

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