I've Noticed the "Old Money" Bob Is the Hair Trend Everyone's Suddenly Trying

Is it just me, or is "old money" style so popular right now? Everyone is opting for classic, high-quality pieces that make their outfits look ultra-expensive. However, recently I've been seeing this particular aesthetic make its way into the beauty industry, with lots of timeless, chic hairstyles gracing my Instagram and TikTok feeds. Of course, the bob hairstyle is taking centre stage, but forget your usual iterations of the short haircut because I'm calling it: the "old money bob" is the chicest style to opt for this year. I know what you're thinking—surely, not another bob trend to get on board with. But don't panic, as this is such an easy style to re-create and I just know that it'll be in fashion for years to come. 


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What I love about this bob hairstyle (and what makes it stand out from the rest) is the fact that you can tailor it to suit you, no matter your hair type. The main difference is that this style has a super-elegant, polished finish, and often sits in line with or just below the jaw—think Meredith Blake in The Parent Trap. When it comes to styling, it's all about voluminous roots, bouncy curls and shiny ends that turn inwards, giving off all of the glossy vibes. A lot of people are also opting for face-framing layers to give it that '90s feel. In fact, after doing some research, it seems that this hairstyle was very popular in the '90s, with models such as Linda Evangelista famously sporting it. And if you really want to lean into that old-money aesthetic, don't forget to add a pair of retro sunglasses to finish off the look. 

If you like the sound of this trending short haircut, keep on scrolling for all of the inspo pics you need to take to the salon.

"Old Money Bob: Haircut Inspiration


(Image credit: @jourdandunn)

The shine, the volume, the curls.… this is old-money hair at its finest.


(Image credit: @melodiebance)

See? Told you a pair of sunnies finishes off the look perfectly.


(Image credit: @hoskelsa)

I love these natural, face-framing layers that really give that '90s feel.


(Image credit: @emmanuellek_)

If you're feeling brave, you could even opt for curtain bangs.


(Image credit: @tylynnnguyen)

This bob pairs perfectly with elevated winter fashion.


(Image credit: @lefevrediary)

Notice how the ends of the hair are subtly rolled under here? This is the key to an expensive-looking haircut.


(Image credit: Getty Images)

Whenever I think of the old-money bob, I immediately think of Zendaya.


(Image credit: @lauraharrier)

If you're not into big curls, never fear, as this style also works perfectly with straight hair.

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