The One Thing Eva Chen Will Never Do While Shopping

Going shopping is usually a bittersweet experience. You typically end up overspending, which is unfortunate, but that overspending goes toward items that you without a doubt needed. Or did you? This morning, Eva Chen gave us a quick reality check by way of a very informative Instagram post wherein she reveals the one thing she will never do while shopping. Shopping addicts of the world, listen up!

While browsing at Neiman Marcus, Chen discovered a pair of Chanel flats that were non-negotiable, but while she was at it, she told us what would be negotiable on any other shopping excursion. “One of my shopping rules is to NEVER try on anything I wouldn’t/shouldn’t buy (whether because it’s too [expensive] or no occasion to wear it, etc).” The concept is simple enough, but how many times have you told yourself that you’re “just going to try it on” only to find yourself unable to take said item off in the end? Take it from Chen and don’t even tempt yourself. You are stronger than you think (but we won’t judge you for those impromptu splurges, either).

Scroll down to read more about Eva Chen’s shopping strategies and to shop fun pieces that are definitely worth investing in, according to her rule!