Fashion Designers Taught Me 7 Expensive-Looking Ways to Wear Leggings


(Image credit: Courtesy of Ferragamo, Theory, and Prada)

Don't call it a comeback. Leggings haven't gone anywhere. After my initial article about the resurgence of leggings, I sparked quite a debate on TikTok about whether or not leggings went anywhere in the first place. The truth is they didn't.

From a visit to New York Pilates to coffee with a friend, as someone who works out daily I've still been wearings leggings pretty much every single day. But in 2023, our leggings are going to be taking us past the gym and errands circuit. They want a night out on the town with us. And who would complain about the comfort of dancing the night away in a pair of leggings? I surely will be taking advantage shortly.

As I'm looking for a way to style my leggings that is anything but boring, fashion designers are leading the way in the styling department. A quick survey of the most recent runway shows reveals that designers are backing it. Even at the upper echelons of names like Celine and Christian Dior, you'll find a pair of leggings. If you want to wear leggings but also want to simply look expensive, try re-creating one of the below seven outfits that probably won't require you to make another purchase.


(Image credit: Courtesy of Celine)

I might as well close my laptop and leave you with this look because it's that good. It pretty much sums up what we're looking for in our leggings outfits. This is the kind of look you'd see the most stylish Beverly Hills woman arrive at dinner wearing and I've decided I'll be re-creating it this weekend.

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(Image credit: Courtesy of Theory)

I'm going to ask anyone who has a problem with the color gray to shield their eyes because you're not going to like this. I, for one, am a huge fan of the cozy hue that emulates effortless style. This look makes me want to wear my oversize blazer ASAP.

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(Image credit: Courtesy of Ferragamo)

Leave it to Ferragamo to instantly convince me that a bold red shade of leggings needs to be added to my already overstuffed drawer of activewear. This look is an ode to utility and style. I love that it draws attention to the love every editor at Who What Wear currently has for the color red.

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(Image credit: Courtesy of Dior, Photography by Laura Sciacovelli)

When Maria Grazia Chiuri speaks, fashion people listen. So hearing her say loud and clear that leggings are Dior-approved captured my attention. I've never seen them look more luxe, so try pairing yours with a midi skirt and a tailored blazer.

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(Image credit: Courtesy of ALAÏA)

Another instant winner for me in the leggings department is this look from Alaïa. I never thought I'd see the day when cotton poplin and leggings would coexist so beautifully, but it's arrived. There's something so beautiful about this juxtaposition. 

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(Image credit: Courtesy of Ferragamo)

This look is giving military chic in all the right ways. You wouldn't think at first glance that this outfit is a spotlight on leggings because of how elevated it is. I can see a celebrity pulling up to dinner in this exact outfit and I'm here for it.

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(Image credit: Courtesy of Prada)

Prada heavily signed off on leggings in its spring/summer 2023 collection, and having them on board is the icing on the cake for me. I'm loving how this matching separates look comes together with a pop of color and an overcoat.

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