The Chic Legging Style You Can Wear to the Office


Collage Vintage

While leggings are the ultimate outfit staple for everything from a session at the gym to weekend errands to something comfy for your next flight, they don’t necessary work for more dressed-up occasions—or so we thought. That is, until the popularity of stirrup leggings, which have emerged as the cool girl’s iteration of the wardrobe staple. And we’d like to make the argument that you can actually wear stirrup leggings to the office.

As proven by street style stars, they can look really elevated and chic. And it turns out it’s all in the way you style them. Case in point: You can’t go wrong by pairing them with pumps. Stick to a classic pair, or try ones embellished with crystals. Tuck the stirrup inside your shoes, or wear them over your heels for a cool style statement. Then you can wear a simple sweater and tailored coat to finish off the look, or add a structured top to make the look feel fashion-forward. Ahead, shop our favorite stirrup leggings to try out them out for yourself.