My Friend Only Wears Neutrals—I Suggested She Try These 5 Easy Color Combos


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Although I am historically a colorful dresser, I understand that color isn't for everyone and isn't always the easiest to wear. One of my friends is a total neutral dresser and perfectly executes on elevated minimal style. One of her dressing resolutions is to integrate color lightly into her wardrobe. I set out to find easy color pairings that still involve neutral pieces but add a vibrant pop of color. 

Enlisting trending colors is a fun way to brighten up your wardrobe. Cobalt blue, neon green, and pretty pink are key shades that complement browns, camels, blacks, and other neutrals. Bold accessories and color matching are great ways to still wear your classic-hued basics but sneak in a bright accent. 

I've enlisted some of my favorite fashion people as my inspiration for palatable, executable color combinations that mix traditional tones with exciting, trending hues. Shop these colorful looks below.

Chocolate Brown + Cobalt Blue


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Finish off a simple ensemble with a pair of boldly hued shoes. Cobalt blue is one of my favorite colors for 2023 and it pairs perfectly with shades of brown.

Traditional Khaki + Neon Green


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Neon is my choice accent color, as it adds immediate interest to any look. Wearing it as a playful accent with khakis and olive greens keeps it casual but still exciting. This look features one of my color tricks, matching vivid-colored accessories (i.e., a bag and shoes).

Jet Black + Buttercup Yellow


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You may inherently assume black pairs with everything, however, I think there is an art to pairing black with pastels and still having it feel serious. This buttercup yellow T-shirt is grounded by black accessories with gold accents. 

Rich Camel + Soft Pistachio 


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If you are used to wearing neutral colors, pastel tones are an ease-in way to try color. Pistachio green matches well with blacks, browns, and cremes. I'm obsessed with the idea of this sorbet hue paired with a rich, luxe camel color.

Chocolate Brown + Bright Pink


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Pink and brown can be a daunting combination. Pull out both colors through accessories and maintain a more neutral base to pull it off. 

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